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Article: Story of know-how at JARS CERAMISTES

JARS CERAMISTES, vaisselle, plats et vases en grès made in France et écoresponsable

Story of know-how at JARS CERAMISTES

Today,HISTOIRES FRANCAISES takes you to Auvergne to discover JARS CERAMISTES, the brand of free ceramics!

Freedom, boldness, simplicity, durability

A true symbol of our living heritage, JARS CERAMISTES has been established since 1857 in a small village in the Drôme Provençale region of France. It is an atypical, eco-responsible company that is 100% made in France. Thanks to its unique approach to stoneware craftsmanship, the brand likes to revisit the classics of tableware in complete freedom - and always with good taste - to create and recreate pieces with bold shapes and colors. Timeless but unexpected tableware, the power of the raw material imbued with a subtle refinement, a design so simple and so singular at the same time, this is the strength of JARS CERAMISTES.


The spirit of JARS CERAMISTES leaves room for creative freedom, to better create emotion: to shiver while caressing a material, to have the eye attracted by a pair of original colors, to be surprised by an atypical shape or a daring mismatched set... The recipe is seemingly simple: enamelled stoneware, organic or poetic shapes, a palette of colors from the most natural to the most intense, finishes that are sometimes raw, sometimes sophisticated... and the magic happens!

The Tourron Orange salad bowl is just perfect for your crazy summer salads, for the fullness of greenery in accompaniment, or for your most beautiful fruity assortment.

Salad bowl Tourron JARS CERAMISTES, made in France

From the material

And JARS created stoneware... In an effort to be ecologically responsible, the artisanal company makes its own stoneware - a highly resistant and non-porous material - from natural mineral components. This mixture of rocky grains, to which water is added, becomes a kind of modeling clay, which expert hands will transform into various shapes.

JARS CERAMISTES, vaisselle en grès made in France

The Homer vase, from the Les Sages collection of vase sculptures, is an ode to life. Not quite a pitcher, not quite a vase, it holds a bouquet of Ikebana*, just like an armful of wild flowers, and tells a story of its own.

(* Japanese floral art)

Homer Vase JARS CERAMISTES, made in France
The way

This paste comes in the form of logs, which are then cut into pieces of all sizes. This is when the art of modeling comes into play: plates, pitchers, dishes, salad bowls, vases, or even goblets will gradually come to life, molded, shaped and modeled according to the inspirations on the various wheels of master potters.

JARS CERAMISTES, vaisselle en grès made in France

The Plume dinner plates, iconic pieces of this collection, are of an aerial poetry and refinement. Let yourself be tempted, in all lightness, to collect the whole range of this service!

Plume plate, JARS CERAMISTES, made in France

From the color

Now comes the crucial step of the chromatic expertise of JARS, a true French specialist in ceramic color. Bright or pastel shades, natural or creative, matte or glossy, the field of color possibilities is infinite. And the glaze is one with the earth.

JARS CERAMISTES, vaisselle en grès made in France

With the Tourron Cerise plates or the Tourron Citron cake dish, you're sure to get sunburned on the table! Bright colors, delicate marbling for a unique and raw grain, a silky finish and greedy, to put all guests instantly in a good mood.

Plat à cake Tourron, JARS CERAMISTES, made in France

From cooking to baking

Then comes the time of the "grand feu" cooking in a 1280 degree oven. When the material goes from raw to cooked, each piece is unique, by its shape and its color, "neither quite the same, nor quite another". This is also the magic of artisanal stoneware!

The Maguelone tumbler can be collected and declined endlessly (Cashmere, Orage uni or Tamaris). Coffee cup, juice glass, herbal tea or candle jar, it has a southern accent, with its round curves that play with their irregularity. Nobody is perfect, and it's much more chic this way!

Maguelone tumbler, JARS CERAMISTES, made in France

Some time

A little patience is still needed to let these objects rest for a while, to gain wisdom and durability, before being carefully checked, packed and shipped. The French art of living is an art with timeless dimensions...

JARS CERAMISTES, vaisselle en grès made in France

With JARS CERAMISTES, it's up to you to recreate the table of your daily life in a lasting way, to elegantly dress your holiday meals and cheerfully color your table next summer or winter!

At HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES, we are committed to finding craftsmen who love their know-how, who are concerned with modern and eco-responsible design, who like to break codes to better recreate them, and always in 100% made in France mode.


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