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Article: History of JACK GOMME

Sac Yvon, JACK GOMME, made in France et écoresponsable

History of JACK GOMME

JACK GOMME, a name that slams like the wind in a sail! And for good reason, this brand created in 1985, firmly anchored in a 100% made in France and eco-responsible philosophy, offers bags, clutches and tote bags with a stylish design, and above all, ultra-lightweight!

When Sophie meets Paul

JACK GOMME is the unexpected and inspiring meeting between two creative people, artists and craftsmen of the beautiful, pure and functional. Sophie Renier loves the warm colors of Menorca, contemporary dance, ceramics and minimalist architecture. Paul Droulers, a former sailor who has already crossed the Atlantic solo, is an unconditional fan of the band The Smiths and likes above all lightness and solidity in materials, which give objects robustness and suppleness, indispensable qualities for a sail!

Sophie et Paul fondateur de JACK GOMME

Launched in 1986 with their Grand Prix at the Hyères International Festival of Arts and Fashion, they create, from their workshop in the Buttes-Chaumont in Paris, 100% French leather goods collections, concerned with the environment, with an urban spirit and clean lines.

The original name of the brand illustrates the humor and casualness that animates the duo: "Jack Gomme is a character from the 80s, a fruit of our imagination, like a kind of debonair and offbeat detective. It's also a nod to the very first collections that used Bulgomme as a material.

An eco-responsible creative process from the start

In his workshop, Paul creates to music. He finds a large part of his inspiration in fashion and industrial designers (Comme des Garçons, Martin Margiella, Jean Nouvel, the Bouroullec...) and is influenced by the great masters of minimalist architecture. He works directly with the material, with just a few sketches for details. He shapes his bags as if he was creating a sculpture. When craftsmanship and art merge and merge, in the service of know-how...

The JACK GOMME bag collections have always been made in France, and the privileged relationships that the founders have with suppliers and employees are paramount. This is also French eco-responsibility!

Lightness, practicality, color and style

From this unique alchemy are born practical, urban and modern bags and accessories, with bright and cheerful colors, that make life lighter!

Pochette téléphone Nicky, JACK GOMME, made in France

To roam the city in total freedom, the Niki Clutch is the trendy accessory of the moment! A multi-functional pouch, it will hold your phone of course, but also a card or badge that can be accessed in a flash. Flexible and light, it is also stylish with its serrated cut. Available in 4 bright colors, it has a little something irresistible that you won't be able to do without...

Because undeniably, lightness is THE strong point of JACK GOMME bags. Always listening to the street, the designers have understood that the number one complaint about the bag is... its weight. Let's face it, JACK GOMME bags, whether they are for the city or the great outdoors, will always be ultra-light!

Light, yes, but with style! For these lovers of beauty, there is no question of giving up aesthetics. Beautiful architectural lines, a refined design, a palette of bright and lively colors, all enhanced by a touch of humor, that is the JACK GOMME signature.

Sac Yvon JACK GOMME, made in France

The Yvon Bag is indeed the iconic product of the season! Like a little bundle (not too small either), it can be declined according to your needs and your wardrobe... Thanks to its unlined leather, it is extremely supple and light, while having the class and the outfit that are required. With two small handles for hand-carrying, a removable and interchangeable shoulder strap for shoulder-carrying, this little jewel of a bag will adapt to all your lifestyles. Whether you see life in coral red, sunshine yellow, denim blue or grass green, there is bound to be a bag for you. Yvon Bag for you!

The line Workshop that HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES has selected for you, works with leather, and also with linen for the summer collections. The leather, which is naturally tanned and made in France in an eco-responsible manner, is chosen with the greatest care.

Sac Transat, JACK GOMME, made in France et écorepsonsable

With the Transat tote bag, do you hear the call of the open sea? Its material (90% linen) is bound to attract the sun's rays to you. In the family of tote bags, this one is particularly ingenious: a sliding strap allows you to carry it with your fingertips, on your arm or on your shoulder, according to your desires (and its filling!). Clever, isn't it? And as always at JACK GOMME, the beauty is there with these 2 versions, plain white or striped ecru, navy and red.

In conclusion, let's take our hats off to the audacity and creativity of this eco-responsible brand with undeniable know-how with the accessory of the season: the BOB hat. Made of coated linen, as aesthetic as practical, it will protect you from the sun as well as from the rain!

Le chapeau Bob, JACK GOMME, made in France et écoresponsable

JACK GOMME, light, solid, cheerful bags and accessories with innovative design and impeccable finishing. 100% perfect, 100% French!

At HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES, we are committed to finding craftsmen who love know-how, who care about modern and eco-responsible design, who like to break codes to better recreate them, and always in 100% made in France mode.

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