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Article: Story of Corporate gifts

Histoires … d’Entreprises aussi !

Story of Corporate gifts

Looking for unique, authentic and environmentally-friendly corporate gifts made in France?

Discover the exclusive selection from HISTOIRES FRANCAISES. We offer a diverse range of corporate gifts for women, men and children, entirely designed in France, with a strong commitment to eco-responsibility.

4 leaves clover

At HISTOIRES FRANCAISES, we believe in the value of being made in France. Every product we offer is meticulously crafted by local artisans, highlighting traditional French know-how. Whether it's elegant decorative objects, practical kitchen accessories or quality cuddly toys, we have the perfect gift for your employees, partners or customers.

Local crafts :
Immerse yourself in the creative world of our French artisans and discover a multitude of unique and authentic objects. From tableware to jewellery to cosmetics, each piece tells a story and embodies the exceptional talent of its creator. Offering these objects to your customers or employees reinforces your company's image as an active supporter of local craftsmanship and know-how.

tableware made in France

Responsible decoration :
Embellish your workspaces and those of your customers with sustainable decorative objects made in France. Each item is carefully designed to add a touch of charm while preserving the environment.

decor made in France

Ethical fashion :
Opt for eco-responsible fashion with our selection of accessories made in France. These timeless, elegant pieces combine style with a commitment to a better world.

Made in France fashion

Sustainable toys and games :
Choose the most beautiful cuddly toys made in France or toys with character that bear witness to quality craftsmanship, toys that will be happily passed on!

made in France teddy bears

Opting for HISTOIRES FRANCAISES corporate gifts means choosing high-quality, meaningful and environmentally-friendly products. Offer your business partners gifts that tell a story, that of French heritage and tradition, while helping to preserve our beautiful planet.

Browse our online catalogue now and find inspiration for memorable and committed customer gifts. A gift to thank a customer or partner, a little attention for seminar participants or a token of sympathy for members of your team (birth, wedding, etc.) HISTOIRES FRANCAISES offers you a selection of products that will enable you to create a strong and lasting relationship while also supporting quality, eco-responsible craftsmanship made in France.

Make your business gifts a real demonstration of your commitment to French values and environmental protection. Order today from and give corporate gifts for women, corporate gifts for men and corporate gifts for children that make a difference, both for your recipients and for the planet.

And if you have any queries, contact Cédric, who will be delighted to advise you and help you find the gift best suited to your needs and budget.

If you're already sharing our great stories, make your company a company committed to defending Made in France, and offer beautiful, well-made products that make sense!

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