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Article: Story of La Môme Bijou

LA MOME BIJOU, bijou fantaisie made in France

Story of La Môme Bijou

La Môme Bijou: Playful luxury, Parisian style

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES is delighted and proud to present a new jewellery brand.

La Môme Bijou is the story of a French brand of luxury, playful costume jewellery born in Paris. Born from the sparkling imagination of Isabelle Prat, the brand offers unique creations that are both stylish and quirky.

Duo 2 pearl bubble ring

Isabelle Prat: a multi-faceted artist

Isabelle Prat, the talented designer behind the jewellery brand La Môme Bijou, is much more than just a craftswoman. She's a passionate woman with a rich background and an overflowing creativity that is reflected in each of her unique creations.

A career steeped in expertise

With over 22 years' experience as a model maker for haute couture houses such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, Isabelle has acquired a perfect mastery of design techniques and honed her sense of style. This invaluable experience has enabled her to develop her unique artistic vision, which is characterised by elegance combined with a touch of fantasy.

Neon crush bracelet made in France

The birth of La Môme Bijou

In 2006, guided by her desire to share her passion and joie de vivre, Isabelle decided to make her dream come true by launching her own jewellery brand: La Môme Bijou. Her aim? To create pieces that celebrate the combination of lu(xe) and lu(dique) known as ‘Lulu’, injecting a dose of playfulness and lightness into the world of jewellery.

Twist 2 pearls bubble ring

Her workshop & her inspirations

In her ‘bubble’, her studio on the eighth floor of a Paris building, she faces the Sacré Coeur. There, with her head in the clouds, Isabelle imagines collections that reflect her radiant personality. Music, colours, humour and fantasy all inspire her and combine to give life to jewellery that exudes good humour.

An imaginary world, illuminated by every shade of the rainbow, where ideas flow to the melodies of her favourite DJ: her husband and creative partner, who joined her in this adventure in 2015.

Vibrant, shimmering jewellery

Imagined and handcrafted, each piece of jewellery is a true work of art. Noble materials and vibrant colours come together to create unique collections that combine chic and creativity.

Sunset pearls necklace made in France

A constantly evolving world

The constant evolution of La Môme Bijou has resulted in playful collections that retain the fundamental values of quality and joie de vivre. Each piece of jewellery tells a story, embodies an emotion and transports the wearer into the brand's unique and vibrant world.

La Môme Bijou is an expression of your personality, a playful Parisian luxury where elegance meets fantasy to celebrate the art of living with style and creativity.

More than just an adornment, La Môme Bijou jewellery is an expression of your personality.

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