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Article: Story of Valentin LEBIGOT

Histoire de Valentin LEBIGOT

Story of Valentin LEBIGOT

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES is very pleased to present Valentin LEBIGOT and his creations.

Valentin LEBIGOT is a multi-talented designer. He comes from a family of "sentimental objectors". Passionate about graphic design, he chose to follow "classic" studies in product design. After a bachelor's degree in applied arts, with a global approach, he followed a BTS in design and then a master's degree in D.S.A.A. (Higher Diploma in Applied Arts), all done in Brittany, in Rennes.

Following this training, Valentin cut his teeth in many design and architecture agencies, and as a graphic designer, originally a lot in execution and little in creation. Then, out of curiosity, he bought his first 3D printer to try this new technique. He then became a freelance designer for a few years. 2 years ago, he decided to launch his solo business in order to be able to express his creativity as much as possible and to have control over all the stages of creation and design of the product. He set up his studio in Paris, in the eighteenth arrondissement. It is there, in the heart of the capital that he thinks, designs and produces all his collections.

Mirror Halo, Valentin LEBIGOT, made in France

Today it offers product collections, such as its HALO and HALO+ mirrors, with a unique design, colorful and a very assertive style. He declares himself "obsessed" with the graphic and playful side of objects. If he conducts a lot of research, he remains very instinctive in his way of creating. He first worked a lot in 2 dimensions on his sketches. Ditto for the colors he conducts many tests always with the desire to be playful in his approach. The shapes he designs are always made in a palette of very bright colors and define a retro-pop style always in functionality.

Mirror Halo+, Valentin LEBIGOT, made in France

Valentin works in 3D printing. Its 3D printer is its only "production tool" and has many advantages: countless creative possibilities, real ease of production and agility in inventory management. Autonomous, it can operate in short circuit. He prints to order only and produces his creations only in small series for a reasoned collection proposal.

Mirror Halo, Valentin LEBIGOT, made in France

He decided to include his work in a real eco-responsibility approach. In addition to his 3D printing production approach, he only works with recyclable plastic, also called PLA/rPLA, a plastic obtained from corn starch, or a plastic obtained from plastic bottle waste. In addition, the manufacturing process by 3D printer is very energy efficient, in order to minimize the environmental impact of its activity.

With his brain in constant turmoil and full of imagination, Valentin is constantly exploring new territories, testing new forms, bringing new functionalities to everyday objects. His creations are unique and certainly testify to an assertive style.

Let them bring freshness and good mood into your home!

Mirror Halo and Halo+, Valentin LEBIGOT, made in France

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