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Article: Story of Gigi Paris

Histoire de Gigi Paris

Story of Gigi Paris

It is a new discovery of HISTOIRES FRANCAISES that we want to share with you today: the upcycled jewelry of GIGI PARIS.

Chanel Double C upcycled necklace

GIGI Paris is above all a story, that of Salomé, the daughter of an antique dealer and a young antique dealer herself who has chosen a new destiny. After having hunted furniture for years with her father, this fashion enthusiast changed her trajectory and turned to jewelry. She launched her small business just before confinement and did not experience the crisis!

In addition to loving fashion, she wanted to work to improve the footprint of this activity on the planet, with the mantra that "the only way not to pollute is not to produce"...

Chanel Medallion upcycled necklace

Thus was born her idea of ​​upcycled jewelry. Luxury is a guarantee of quality and transmission, that was his inspiration. As an informed bargain hunter, she had a few pieces in her jewelry collection that all her friends were jealous of; it was then that she had the idea of ​​reworking buttons and accessories to give them a second life and make jewelry all more elegant and seductive than the next. Non-conformist designer, she imagined her first creations using the buttons of recovered jackets. This is how the choker necklace with a medallion, chain with pendant or long necklace were born. Each time a new surprise, sometimes enamelled, encrusted with rhinestones or sequined, each button is reworked to become a unique jewel, on a chain or with cultured pearls.

Chanel enamelled upcycled necklace

According to Salomé's inspirations, sometimes golden, sometimes silver, her original creations will always be very easy to wear, whether to dress up a neckline or to revive a turtleneck.

On the production side, a 100% female team, China, selects and sorts the best fashion pieces that are too damaged or out of fashion to be worn. Then, all the finely chiseled accessories are transformed into jewellery, veritable talismans for the luckiest wearers!

Chanel chance upcycled necklace

Finally, it is in his Parisian workshop, which works to integrate disabled workers, that the magic happens.

Come and discover the latest nuggets!

Chanel Rhinestone upcylced necklace

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