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Article: Story of Sylvain FEZZOLI

Sylvain FEZZOLI, luminaire en porcelaine, made in France

Story of Sylvain FEZZOLI

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES continues its discovery of new quality French craftsmen.

Today, heading to Normandy. We are taking you to Morteaux-Coliboeuf precisely, a charming little village in the middle of the Normandy bocage, to discover the talents of Sylvain, creator of the ATELIER SUR LA RIVIERE.

Nature lover, Sylvain FEZZOLI created the ATELIER SUR LA RIVIERE in order to give life to porcelain lights that pay homage to the wonders surrounding us. He settled in the heart of Normandy, in the Pays d'Auge. His workshop, a converted barn, is where nature rules, where it's easy to take full advantage of the rhythm of the seasons and let your imagination wander.

He chose to work with porcelain because this material has unique natural properties to create fine pieces that allow light to pass through, as evidenced by the delicacy of his work.

We are also very sensitive to the fact that Sylvain has decided to include his work in a sustainable development approach. Thus, all his creations are made in natural materials, mainly porcelain, and a few others according to his inspirations.

In addition to discovering his creations, we invite you to discover his workshop, his admirable know-how and the different stages of realization of the wonders he makes with his own hands. You will see that our story is very close to a cooking recipe!

So it all starts with the material. Like dough to be made, Sylvain starts with these porcelain loaves and gives free rein to his imagination. Sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, plain, pleated or with an applied pattern, each piece entirely made by hand is a unique piece.

According to his inspirations, he will shape different shapes of lights inspired by the beauty of nature: a flower, the moon and many other subjects. This is where all of Sylvain's talent and know-how lie: being able to transform raw materials into exceptional lighting, but... Shh! It's his secret!!

Then, patience and delicate know-how will allow Sylvain to work on the finish of each piece. By hand, using all kinds of instruments or utensils, he will shape the shape he has in mind. This is when his “helping hand” takes on its full value. The magic happens! He will also ensure the best definition of the pattern he has imagined for the lamp. Neither too much nor too little water but just enough moisture to refine the design. Another important step, he checks the thickness of the material in order to allow the most beautiful diffusion of light; too thick the light no longer passes, too thin the lamp will break. Here again, everything is a matter of careful proportioning.

Once the imagined object is made, Sylvain will put it in the oven. Delicately placed on small craters of alumina powder, each piece will slowly not cook, but dry, letting the humidity escape to solidify. Just like in the kitchen, it is the right combination of temperature and cooking time that is the guarantee of success.

Last step and not least! Sylvain's pitiless eye checks the lamp. His hands are turned in all directions so that his lynx eyes scrutinize the precious object without concession! He then installs the electrical system and tracks down the slightest defect, air bubbles, cracks, etc. to ensure that his creation will be the most beautiful, both off and on.

Now all you have to do is discover the Luna lamp and choose its place in your interior. After installing it properly, all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on to enjoy its soft light. You can also admire the translucent effect of the porcelain biscuit.

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