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Article: story of back to school moment

set d'écriture et set de trombone en métal découpé TOUT SIMPLEMENT, made in France et écoresponsable

story of back to school moment

Chic, it's back to school!

The summer season is coming to an end. Back-to-school time has come! Vacation memories are still vivid in our heads… Nothing too solemn, it is September only and everyone is “going back to school”, looking good and full of energy.


Do you know why the start of the school year is in September? Originally, it was decided to grant summer holidays to schoolchildren so that they could help with agricultural work. The objective was to overcome the absenteeism of pupils from the families concerned. Thus in the 19th century, they were from August to mid-September, harvest and grape harvest oblige. Then, with paid holidays, the summer holidays were scheduled from mid-July to mid-September. At the same time, they have been harmonized for the whole of France. It was in 1961 that the dates changed to run from the end of June to mid-September. Today they have been shortened from the beginning of July to the beginning of September in order to allow a better distribution of the days off over the rest of the year. This is what allowed the establishment of a school rhythm of 8 weeks of school followed by 2 weeks of vacation for all students and teachers in France.

For the little ones, summer is synonymous with “great vacations!” It may be a moment in itself, but it is certainly a moment of passage, between one school year and another. After saying goodbye to the friends for 2 long months, they are very excited to find them. So many stories to tell and new secrets to share. After bermuda shorts and swimsuits, we must return to notebooks, books and schoolbags. Like a good worker who always has his equipment, our schoolchildren will need to fill their pencil case: writing set, paper clips or even magnets will be precious accessories for the start of the school year.

metal paper clip, TOUT SIMPLEMENT, made in France

The start of the school year is also synonymous with the resumption of many activities. For some it will be rowing, judo, rugby, or dancing and other sporting activities; for others it will be music, drawing or painting in a register of more artistic activity. Of course one does not preclude the other! Some will therefore need a real apron not only for cooking, but also for painting or having fun. Easy to put on, easy to clean, the Japanese linen apron from Pol and Rosa will be their best ally.

Kids linen apron, POL ET ROSA, made in France

For adults, summer is the time of year that divides it in two, even if it's not perfectly symmetrical! It is, in general, a period that allows the greatest number of people to take time off, breathe and rest. Back from the summer sun, you have to continue to take care of yourself, your skin in particular, and stay well hydrated. Alyscamp body milk is one of the products in our organic cosmetic care collections designed to help you.

Body milk, ALYSCAMP, made in France

It's not just the little ones who are entitled to a new schoolbag, the Big ones too! What could be better than a new bag to make you want to go back to work?! The Hussard messenger bag is all you need to easily storm the office. As aesthetic as it is practical, it will allow you to take your personal effects and files with you in style.

Hussard satchel bag, CESAIRE, made in France

And to give yourself a new impetus, what better than to give your office some fresh air too. Going back to work means reading, writing, concentrating. It is therefore important, if not essential, to be well lit, so as not to unnecessarily tire our eyes, which are already strained by the screens. The Calypsa desk lamp is made for that. Inspired by architect's lamps, it is an essential that will fit naturally into your work environment. It even exists in several colors to please you better.

Desktop lamp Calypsa, ALUMINOR, made in France

Now it's time to leave behind the memories of summer. We are at your side in the home straight of the year, always 100% made in France and sustainable!

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