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Article: Story of Blue Color

Histoire de la couleur Bleu

Story of Blue Color

Histoires Françaises tells you everything about the color blue, today.

A rather incredible color whose meaning and evocation has changed considerably over the years and according to cultures. Since the dawn of time, it has been present both in decoration and in fashion accessories. It brought luck to the pharaohs of Egypt by accompanying them on their journey to the afterlife; became sexually associated with Krishna among the Hindus; is an incarnation of power in the West associated with royalty to the point of becoming a shade of royal blue, and through the uniforms of law enforcement or its presence on many flags of nations.

Blue is an important color since it is certainly the favorite color of Westerners, both women and men, synonymous with calm, confidence and intelligence.


This color naturally surrounds us in an omnipresent way, if only with the sky, the water or the sea. Thus for everyone, blue evokes the great outdoors, space, the horizon and infinity. It is always associated with something positive. It has become a symbol of freshness, creativity, truth, purity. It invites escape as much as reflection.

Blue evokes calm and serenity; it is reassuring and inspires confidence since around us every day in a very present way. Even if it is described as a cold hue, as opposed to the warm hues of yellow, red and orange, blue is used a lot in decoration to soothe or make you dream, because it is known for its relaxing and sedative properties. As is the case with this Galibier Eclairé wall lamp, inspired by a form of old rigging, it will make you travel just by lighting up! 

It can also be used very easily in fashion to enhance an outfit or enhance a face like these Aristide earrings with these crystals in monochrome.


Blue lagoon, like the plates of the Atoll service by JARS CERAMISTES, it takes us on a journey. Midnight blue like the tumblers from the Manufacture de Digoin, it invites us to reflect and meditate when we immerse ourselves in it.

Light blue like the cosmetics from Alyscamps, it is refreshing and acts as a powerful moisturizer.

Navy blue like the French bear from Mailou, it is reassuring and familiar.

There are endless varieties of this color. All evoke or emit positive waves in any case.
Blue in decoration
There are many possibilities for “working” blue in decoration. It can be used as a touch through accessories such as cushions or a merino throw from Maison de la Maille. It can also be used as a total look or in monochrome in a bedroom to take advantage of its soothing effect and therefore promoting sleep.
As for its association with other colors, again many possibilities are available to you depending on the atmosphere you want to create:
- Classic when it's a navy blue in combination with whites, and beige for a valeur sure effect as the sailor stripes of the stackable sailor remind us. And even more if you add a touch of red!

- Tonic when they are light blues associated with stronger colors such as oranges and yellows,
- Artistic when it is in bright shades like the Klein blue of our Monochromic cicada and associated with anthracite or deep black,

- Soothing when it is played in shades ranging from lagoon to navy, passing through skies and indigos, as the sketch of Marine Prud'hon Sunset gives us an overview

And you which blue will you be?

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