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JACK GOMME, maroquinerie made in France

JACK GOMME offers leather goods collections made in France since 1985.

The company is the fruit of Sophie and Paul; a clever association between an aesthete who loves colors and contemporary dance and a fan of the Smiths and sailing who finds himself in a pronounced taste for minimalism!

Since their Grand Prix at the International Festival of Arts and Fashion in Hyères in 1986, they have been creating collections with an urban spirit and clean lines.

The strong point of these bags is their lightness. From their style, their construction and the materials used, a great care is brought to the practicality and the lightness. Sophie and Paul have heard too many complaints about the weight of bags that are too heavy to use and have not made this a priority. Their light weight makes them the indispensable companions of all your escapades or long trips!

Of course, nothing is sacrificed to style. Architectural lines, a refined design, a rich color palette and a touch of humor are the signature of JACK GOMME. In terms of materials, the Atelier line, which we have selected, works with leather and linen in the summer. The leather used is selected with the greatest care. It is naturally tanned leather made in France.

Entirely made in France, each bag is of impeccable workmanship, with impeccable finishes. All the collections are developed by Sophie and Paul, in Paris, in their workshop in Buttes Chaumont.

And as a wink to history, their name comes from their first collections which were made in Bulgum!

JACK GOMME, maroquinerie made in France