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Horace vase

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Product description

The Horace vase is part of the new collection of vases Les Sages de Jars Céramistes. Its minimalist and raw form evokes a sculpture of the primitive arts. It exists in 2 primary colors: white and black.

Les Sages is a limited edition collection of sculptural vases. Volumes revisited, textures and materials worked, the ambition of this collection is to magnify the simplest things in life; to serve as a case for these small things that once assembled will make incredible compositions. This is why each vase is named after an ancient philosopher.

In stoneware, each piece is unique when it comes out of the kiln, "not quite the same, not quite another".
JARS CERAMISTES is a LIVING HERITAGE COMPANY, established in the Drôme since 1857.

100% French and sustainable.

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Vase Horace, JARS CERAMISTES, made in France et écoresponsable
Horace vase Sale price130,00 EUR