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Signature bracelet

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Product description

The HISTOIRES FRANCAISES Signature bracelet consists of a tricolour cord and a small gold medal. It's the sign of recognition for all supporters of made in France and eco-responsible French craftsmanship! A discreet and elegant little jewel, ideal for adding a touch of style to both men's and women's wardrobes.

The cord is a braid of three strands in the colours blue, white and red, reminiscent of the French flag. In the centre, the 1cm-diameter gold-plated medal is laser-engraved with the words "HISTOIRES FRANCAISES". The cord is adjustable for optimum comfort.

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES is the platform for showcasing the very best in French design and eco-responsible French craftsmanship. Its ambition is to showcase the most incredible French know-how and to enhance the value of manual labour. HISTOIRES FRANCAISES unearths real treasures handmade in France for gifts, decoration, tableware, beauty and well-being and for the little ones. HISTOIRES FRANCAISES also offers a service dedicated to your company's needs (equipment, customer gifts, seminar gifts, etc.).

The medals are made on a brass base to be hypoallergenic, gilded with 24K fine gold, and are water-resistant. However, make sure that your bracelet does not come into contact with chemical or cosmetic products such as perfume, which could alter its shine.

A 1-year guarantee is offered for any design defect from
the date of purchase of your bracelet (except for deterioration due to natural wear and tear or impact).

Made in France and sustainable.

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Bracelet cordon médaille signature histoires françaises made in france ecoresponsable
Signature bracelet Sale price24,00 EUR