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Rêve de Trèfle

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Product description

Rêve de Trèfle is a genuine four-leaf clover grown in the Nièvre region of France under exclusive license from the I.N.R.A. and protected in a sulfide. Its dimensions of 50x100x20mm make it easy to place on a desk, a shelf or in any number of other settings.

Thanks to its rarity (did you know that it takes 10,000 clovers to make just 1 4-leaf?), each clover becomes as precious as it is unique. A beautiful idea for a decorative object, but also a lucky charm to give as a gift or to treat yourself, because it's true, "you reap what you sow and love what you love"...

100% French and sustainable.

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Rêve de Trèfle véritable trèfle à 4 feuilles, CARRE DE TREFLE, made in France
Rêve de Trèfle Sale price57,00 EUR