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Paeonia Bouquet

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Product description

The Paeonia paper flower bouquet is made up of 3 fuchsia peonies, 5 pink quartz roses and 7 sprigs of eucalyptus. A nod to this beautiful spring flower, this everlasting bouquet will last well over a season! Its soft shades of pale pink and deeper pink make it a perfect addition to any interior.

Born of myth, the peony, or paeonia, takes its name from the ancient Greek physician to the gods, Paeon. Its extraordinary exploits have fascinated mankind for millennia. Homer himself, in his epic tales, immortalised Paeon and credited him with discovering the healing powers of the peony. From then on, the peony transcended its status as a simple flower to become an emblem of healing and protection, carrying the promise of a flourishing life.

Similarly, paeonia is shrouded in an aura of mystery: it is said that the gardens where it blooms are blessed by nature, protected from the vagaries of the weather, storms and hail. This reputation establishes it as a symbol of good luck and prosperity, attracting good graces to those who contemplate it.

The history of French gardens was enriched by a touch of the exotic during the First Chinese Empire, when peonies, symbols of prosperity and happiness in oriental culture, made their return to the country. These flowers, given by the Emperor Qianlong to the Empress Josephine de Beauharnais, a botanical enthusiast, quickly became the jewels in the crown of the gardens at Malmaison, the imperial residence in Rueil-Malmaison. Their singular beauty inspired Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the empress's famous flower painter, who immortalised them on his canvases with unrivalled sensitivity and talent.

This bouquet of Mélina VASSEREAU emphasizes all the talent and the know-how of the creator for the cut paper. Mélina creates and realizes by hand, in Seine-et-Marne, bouquets of eternal flowers, sculptures of animals as well as frames to discover in our section Frames & Illustrations.

Real work of art, this composition is unique, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

100% French and sustainable.

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Paeonia Bouquet
Paeonia Bouquet Sale price95,00 EUR