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Feu de Bois home fragrance

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Product description
Feu de Bois interior fragrance has been specially developed for your home, drapes, curtains, fabrics and cars. It combines the scent of a fireplace with the smell of burning wood.
It's made in Grasse.
Founded in 1720, the great house of ORIZA L. LEGRAND moved from the French royal courts to the world's fairs of the 20th century, and continues to promote, with the most talented craftsmen, the noble art of perfumery made in France. Relaunched in 2012 by two enthusiasts, ORIZA L.LEGRAND has become the best of French refinement, brought up to date in an eco-responsible way. Discover a selection of home fragrances, plant-based soaps and gift sets.

100% French and sustainable.
*Caution: flammable and dangerous. Observe precautions for use

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Parfum d'intérieur Feu de bois, ORIZA L. LEGRAND, made in France et écoresponsable
Feu de Bois home fragrance Sale price45,00 EUR