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Laüsa scented candle

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Product description

The Laüsa scented candle is now presented in a Paris Secret pink ceramic case. Continuing her path in promoting local know-how and her eco-responsibility approach, Carine, the designer, has developed a scented candle in a very beautiful pink ceramic container. Loosely inspired by Japanese tea bowls, the container is as elegant as it is timeless. Once the candle is consumed, it can be reused and become a tea mug, for example.

The scent of the candle is called Laüsa. Its fragrance evokes memories of childhood in Provence. The reassuring scent of lavender matches the intoxicating scents of patchouli and bergamot.

The candle also exists in 4 colours: Joséphine (green), Gismonda (yellow), Carbone (matte black) and Terracotta with another fragrance, Retour d'Aden, with notes of sandalwood and amber mixed with bergamot tea.

MAISON PECHAVY is a young house created in 2019, in the heart of south-west France, by Carine PECHAVY. Through this gesture, she wanted to celebrate the centenary of the family wood trading business, pay tribute to the family know-how and celebrate the French way of life based on the warmth of the fireplace.

For the production of the ceramics, Carine PECHAVY called on the Manufacture VIREBENT, labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant and based in the Lot. And the candle is made by a master candlemaker from Toulouse.

The candle weighs 200gr and is designed for +/- 55h of combustion.

100% French and sustainable.

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Bougie parfumée Laüsa, MAISON PECHAVY, made in France
Laüsa scented candle Sale price50,00 EUR