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Hyalun block and its box

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Product description

Féret Parfumeur exists since 1865 and has been manufacturing in France a complete range of natural products including the hyaline block since 1875. Bloc Hyalun won 3 medals at the 1900 Paris World's Fair. Since then, it has been the must-have product for barbers, hairdressers and dermatologists.

Alum stone, 100% natural origin, it is sold with its metal box (soap dish). The alum stone is a salt that takes the form of a white translucent and odourless crystal. Used before/after shaving, waxing or as a natural deodorant, it is softening, astringent, cauterizing, antibacterial. For men & women, it is indispensable for the whole family.

100% made in France and sustainable.


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bloc Hyalun et sa boite FERET Parfumeur soin cosmétique bio 100% français et écoresponsable.
Hyalun block and its box Sale price15,00 EUR