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Aryballe Vase

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Product description

The Aryballe vase by Fanny Laugier is distinguished by its raised patterns of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, which create a highly impactful visual effect. Graphic and minimalist, the lines highlight the material and the immaculate whiteness of the porcelain, giving the vase a unique and elegant presence.

The Aryballe vase stands on its own like a sculpture. Of course, it can also be decorated with flowers for an extra touch of beauty.

Did you know? The term ‘biscuit porcelain’ refers to porcelain after its first firing, when it has become ‘as hard as biscuit’.

In porcelain, each piece is unique or made in very small series by hand.

Fanny Laugier is an enthusiast who, after an initial career as a biologist, decided to take her life into her own hands, turning it into a profession and working with clay. In her workshop in Poitiers, the ceramist works with a slab. She rolls out the clay, cuts, folds and assembles it, but the most astonishing thing is the material effects. She likes to leave imprints of corrugated cardboard, net and textile, playing with trompe-l'œil, creating a discrepancy between visual perception and the reality of the object.
Inspired by abstract painting and architecture of the 1950s, the construction of the pieces is based on simple geometric shapes - circles, squares and ellipses - transformed into volumes with a few cuts and folds, just like paper. Pushing back the limits of this material, the ceramist creates veritable sculptures of great finesse.


The Aryballe Vase is a fragile object that must be handled with care. We recommend cleaning it with a soft, damp cloth.

100% made in France and sustainable.

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Vase fait à la main en France
Aryballe Vase Sale price350,00 EUR