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Article: Story of Oriza L. Legrand


Story of Oriza L. Legrand

HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES carries a subtle, precious fragrance with ORIZA L. LEGRAND!

If this brand is a historical monument in its own right, it has been careful not to let its bottles gather dust over the centuries! Founded in 1720, this great house has made its way from the French and European royal courts to the Universal Exhibitions of the 20th century, and still today, with the most talented craftsmen, promotes the noble art of perfumery made in France. HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES is honored to introduce you to the best of French refinement, brought up to date in an eco-responsible way, with ORIZA L. LEGRAND perfumes and soaps.

A royal perfume story

It was for the court of Louis XV (nicknamed "the perfumed court") that a certain Fargeon Aîné, the King's perfumer and distiller, created the House of ORIZA. The elegant Queen Marie-Antoinette immediately fell under its spell. The perfume house survived political upheavals to become Maison ORIZA L. LEGRAND in the 19th century. Its success spread to the furthest reaches of the European courts, with the same French mastery of fragrance refinement. Little by little, it revolutionized the perfume industry, making a name for itself through its constant quest for innovation.

ORIZA l .LEGRAND, home fragrance and soaps, made in France and sustainable

Innovative by nature

ORIZA L. LEGRAND takes its name from a variety of rice called Oriza Sativa, the precious ingredient in its rice powder. Creator of the first fragrance ranges, ORIZA L. LEGRAND soon opened the way to variations of its fragrances with powders, soaps and creams. The company also invented the world's first solid perfume in 1887, in the form of pencils and pastilles. And for the ultimate in refinement, the ORIZA L. LEGRAND bottles were made at the same time by the famous Baccarat crystal works, as the company set up its Paris boutique and headquarters on Place de la Madeleine.

Awakening the sleeping beauty

The prestigious perfume house faded away in 1940. But in 2012, two entrepreneurs with a passion for perfumery, Hugo and Franck, decided, almost four centuries after the first fragrance, to revive the finest creations of the House of ORIZA L. LEGRAND!

Renewing the tradition of the master perfumers of Grasse, the search for the noblest raw materials, and the best of artisanal know-how, they added the indispensable eco-responsible dimension to the entire manufacturing process: natural and organic products, no animal testing, 100% French manufacturing and a reduced carbon footprint.

Home fragrance

In addition to traditional perfumes and colognes, ORIZA L. LEGRAND offers a wide range of home fragrances. Adorned with a delicate pompom and protected by an irresistible vintage box, Rose du Roy, Opopanax or Feu de bois are just some of the many invitations to an olfactory voyage for your cosy nest, your curtains or even your sofas and stoles... Fresh, lemony fragrances, candied orange, incense, lily, gardenia, fireplace... take a deep breath and fall under the spell!

Home fragrance made in France and sustainable

Softness at your fingertips

Since their creation, ORIZA L. LEGRAND soaps have been renowned for the delicately scented softness they impart to hands, body and face. Made in Marseille and Aubagne, all ORIZA L. LEGRAND soaps are palm-oil-free, made with olive oil and organic shea butter. They are then packaged in the Cognac region. And if you want to be a little more eco-responsible, the soaps can also be bought without the cardboard box, just delicately wrapped in their irresistible papers decorated with vintage illustrations.

Soap made in France and sustainable

With Verveine de Vénus, Le Régent, Rêve d'Ossian, La Trêve des Confiseurs, and many more inspired by the brand's original soaps, the charm is intact. Close your eyes and you'll be transported to the court or the Paris of the 1900 Universal Exhibition...

If you can't decide, why not try the boxed set of three Porte-Bonheur scented soaps: Muguet Fleuri, Relique d'Amour and Trèfle & Sainfoin!

Box of 3 lucky soaps

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES is delighted to offer you ORIZA L. LEGRAND perfumes and soaps. This key brand in our artisanal cosmetics & perfumes cultural heritage, a true symbol of French know-how and a force for innovation down the centuries, today proudly bears the eco-responsible values of made in France that we defend!

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