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Article: Story of LE BAIGNEUR

Portrait de Fabien meaudre fondateur du Baigneur, soins cosmétiques bio pour homme made in France et écoresponsable


With the beautiful brand LE BAIGNEUR, HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES pampers men with gentle care!

LE BAIGNEUR was born in spring 2012 and has since made a name for itself in the world of organic men's cosmetics. Its creator Fabien Meaudre, after starting his career in the events industry, aspired to get back to basics and authenticity, by making, with his own hands, a natural and organic product that provides well-being. He threw himself into the deep end, creating a local, artisanal and eco-responsible brand around the iconic product of shaving soap, simply named LE BAIGNEUR!

The secret of LE BAIGNEUR softness

LE BAIGNEUR soaps are handmade in France using the traditional "cold saponification" method, for which Fabien Meaudre trained as an artisan soapmaker. When the fats are not heated, energy is saved, but above all, the soap is naturally rich in glycerine and retains all the nutritive qualities the skin needs to stay soft and moisturized. The soap then rests for 4 to 6 weeks to free itself of excess water. Then it's ready to slip into your hands!

Travel shaving soap

Say goodbye to dry, tight skin with LE BAIGNEUR!

Natural, organic raw materials

At LE BAIGNEUR, all our ingredients are organically grown or of natural origin: vegetable oils, essential oils, clay, honey, floral waters, colorants, etc. All guaranteed to be free from palm oil, parabens, silicones and other synthetic fragrances, for impeccable artisanal eco-responsibility. LE BAIGNEUR sources its ingredients as close as possible to the heart of France (Provence, Velay, Ile-de-France...) and as far away as possible in Europe.

Pack 3 mini-oils

From shaving to moisturizing, LE BAIGNEUR ensures a clear face and a clean, natural beard!

Calm and voluptuous, signed LE BAIGNEUR

The creations of master soapmaker Fabien Meaudre meet the needs of all skin types under razor burn. His shaving soaps are brimming with natural, organic active ingredients to benefit your skin: white clay to eliminate toxins, calendula to soothe inflammation, lavender and St John's wort to facilitate healing, and honey to soften and regenerate. LE BAIGNEUR skincare oils, with their exceptional ingredients, provide the ultimate touch for a radiant face.

Hemp-Grape Oil

Latitude liquid soap

pack porcelain bowl and shaving soap with brush

Shaving brush

Porcelain bowl + shaving soap

LE BAIGNEUR brings French craftsmanship to life, right down to the smallest detail.

The LE BAIGNEUR brand stands for simple yet finely crafted products made in France, organic and natural ingredients, exceptional know-how and a responsible commitment to sustainability, all wrapped up in a keen sense of aesthetics.

That's why HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES is proud to enter the world of men's shaving with LE BAIGNEUR.

The essential is in the accessory

LE BAIGNEUR leaves no stone unturned in the men's shaving routine. Its key accessory, the shaving brush, unites Jura and Brittany for a chic yet unpretentious result. As for the soap bowl, it honors the immaculate Limoges porcelain.

The modernity of a deliciously retro design

The look of LE BAIGNEUR cosmetics packaging is one of pure simplicity, in line with the natural sobriety of the products. The logo catches the eye with its perfect beard, and the graphic style of the motifs and colors is seductive.

Zero plastic, cardboard boxes for solid soaps, glass for liquid soap bottles and oils, all materials are 100% recyclable and made in France. This is also the sustainability of the LE BAIGNEUR brand.

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