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Article: Story of Warren & Laetitia

Warren & Laetitia bougeoirs, lampes et suspensions made in France

Story of Warren & Laetitia

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES presents its latest favorite: Warren & Laetitia!

Warren & Laetitia are two passionate and exciting French designers. After studying both design, they created their studio in early 2019 and now devote themselves full time to this project. Their studio is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Following their training, they focused on the design of everyday objects that are both practical and aesthetic.

In their creative process, they initially start with everyday objects to which we rarely attribute several benefits and on which they take a different look through three principles: modularity, adjustability and appropriation. Today, Warren & Laetitia propose different ingenious products such as their Double Top and Bottom candle holders; candle holders that can accommodate both a tealight and a candle depending on the position in which they are placed. They are available in a beautiful palette of colors like pink, blue, yellow or khaki.

Candle holders Warren & Laetitia made in France

Warren & Laetitia also design lamps and suspensions, always with bright color combinations. The Amanda table lamp, for example, has a clever feature which is to be able to vary its light intensity according to the orientation given to its integrated shutter.

Amanda lamp Warren & Laetitia made in France

Regarding their sources of inspiration, they remain very diverse and come mainly from their daily life. Often, their ideas are born from simple things, which gives the two designers the ideas of many uses for their products. Their style can be described as pop in the colors they use and modernist in the shapes they create.

In terms of production, Warren & Laetitia chose the 3D printer, which is now the specialty of their studio, by chance. After their sketches made with pencils or markers, the printers allow them to test and research different materials. They are also a way to experiment with new forms. All their creativity is expressed through shapes optimized for 3D printing production. Combined with their know-how, this printing gives them a great freedom.

Gigi pendant Warren & Laetitia made in France

Always in an eco-responsible approach, they have chosen to use exclusively recyclable and recycled materials such as r-PETG (recycled polyethylene glycol terephthalate or more commonly known as recycled plastic bottles), r-PLA (recycled packaging waste), as well as PLA (bio plastic obtained from corn starch).

Their manufacturing method is also what defines their work and allows them to produce their objects locally from French materials in the idea of bringing the place of production closer to the customers and to encourage local consumption and naturally respectful of the environment.

Now it's your turn to discover their talent and their indispensable creations!

Warren & Laetitia, candle holders and lamps made in France

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