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Article: Story of Terres d'Angely

Portrait d'Isabelle NADAUD, céramiste et créatrice de Terres d'Angely

Story of Terres d'Angely

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES presents today its latest discovery: the Atelier Terres d'Angely!

The Atelier Terres d'Angely was created in 2006 by Isabelle Nadeau, a ceramist. Indeed, after extensive studies in chemistry and scientific journalism, Isabelle decided to do a year of training at the Institut de Céramique Française de Sèvres and found her way with her diploma of ceramic turner, obtained in 2004.

She then set up her workshop in the South West of France, in Charente Maritime, in the heart of Saint Jean d'Angely. Isabelle makes utilitarian and decorative porcelain objects. Unique, each of her pieces is made and decorated by hand.

Berlingot Vases hand made in France and sustainable

If at first glance her work seems classic and uncluttered, the meticulous details of the painting of each creation are quickly noticed. Always on a white porcelain background, Isabelle creates different types of products: vases, cups, among others. The shapes are, in general, simple like cylinders or cubes. She proposes several collections, all drawn or drawn from original photos, which offer a singular universe always around the colors. The Berlingot collection, which we have selected, is composed of vases and cups in the shape of cylinders, available in 2 different colors; the vases come in 2 sizes. Each piece is painted with a color gradient that invites you to think of a beautiful sunset. Perfect to add a touch of color to your interior.

Coffee cup Berlingot, hand made by ATELIER TERRES D'ANGELY, in France and sustainable

It is an elegant and delicate work that Isabelle invites us to discover, a meticulous work, full of sensitivity and poetry. Her style, with its sober and pure side as well as its forms, could lead to qualify her creations as Japanese style. Isabelle finds her inspiration during her travels accompanied by her camera. Traveling has always been an integral part of her life since she was very young, especially in Asia.

Berlingot Vase, hand made by Atelier TERRES d'ANGELY, in France

There are three stages of production in the workshop: shaping, decoration and firing. All the pieces are hand-made using the technique of turning or casting. The shaping of the porcelain requires precision and great patience because the manufacturing time is 1 month including the drying time. The decoration is a determining part, that is why Isabelle opts for simple strokes of color applied with a brush. Firing is done after drying, in a kiln, while waiting to see the final piece.

She always puts her scientific rigor to good use. Indeed, when designing Terres d'Angely objects, Isabelle combines her know-how as a chemist with that of a ceramic turner by exploring, weighing and testing; constantly looking for new recipes for clay, engobes, oxides or enamel.

Moreover, all the materials used by Atelier Terres d'Angely are 100% French and eco-responsible; fundamental values in Isabelle's approach, as for us.

You too will fall in love!

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