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Article: Story of skincare

Histoire de soin

Story of skincare

New in our Beauty & Wellness universe with the arrival of a young cosmetic brand ALYSCAMPS. Its name means Champs Elysée in Provencal, because it was founded in Arles by Julie, a pharmacist and former intern of the Paris hospitals.

Julie FAIVRE DUBOZ fondatrice ALYSCAMPS, marque de soins cosmétiques naturels 100% française et écoresponsable chez HISTOIRES FRANCAISES

Julie's philosophy is to go back to the basics and use natural ingredients. To avoid over-consumption, the range offers all-in-one care products to moisturize, protect and restructure. There is one for women, one for men and one for young skin.

Each product is developed with the utmost care: the effectiveness of the selected active ingredients and the formulation of each product are scientifically proven and eliminate endocrine disruptors; the olfactory notes are developed in Grasse, the birthplace of French perfumery.

And to complete this beautiful story, the manufacturing is 100% French and the packaging is recyclable.

Save space in your luggage and protect your skin, travel smart this summer!

Soins lavant et lait pour le corps ALYSCAMPS, cosmétique bio et naturelle, 100% français et écoresponsable HISTOIRES FRANCAISES

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