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Article: Story of know-how at PAMPLEMOUSSE plush

Ours en peluche PAMPLEMOUSSE made in France

Story of know-how at PAMPLEMOUSSE plush

Heading for the Hauts de France!

After the South and the scented candles of LA PROMENADE, HISTOIRES FRANCAISES takes you to visit the workshops of the adorable plush toys of the company Pamplemousse.

PAMPLEMOUSSE Peluches made in France

Pamplemousse Peluches is a family company created by 3 brothers and sisters: Hélène, Sophie and Laurent. Desperately looking for a plush made in France that they liked, they finally decided to make it themselves!

PAMPLEMOUSSE Peluches made in France

They set up a workshop from scratch and federated a small team of passionate people with fairy fingers.

Let's discover their admirable know-how and the different steps of the making.

Everything starts with the cutting. The first step is to cut out the different pieces that will make up our plush. Bear, rabbit or rattle it is always there that the adventure begins. Head, arms, legs, paws, ears, ... each part of the plush is laser cut to offer a perfect line. Some will then be embroidered by machine or by hand to create an eye or a special feature.

After the stitching to assemble. Once the different parts have been cut, it is time to stitch them together. Then follows a real choreography around the sewing machines with large or small needle. With extreme care and unparalleled skill, small expert hands will assemble the 2 parts of the body, then the head. They will then stitch the arms and legs or the legs on the body. They will finish by the head which will be pricked on the body. At all times, you must be extremely careful to respect the fur of the plushie!

ours en peluche PAMPLEMOUSSE made in France

It is then the moment of the reversal. All the stuffed animals are quilted upside down in order to protect the fur as much as possible and to make the seams invisible. This is when the plush really starts to come to life! A small brush stroke completes the process.

And to finish the filling. In order to take on a "human face" each plush will be stuffed with absorbent cotton to give it shape, hold and especially softness and fluffiness for a life of endless cuddles!

PAMPLEMOUSSE Peluche savoir-faire made in France

Sometimes our character needs a little something extra to finish his figure: a small accessory that becomes essential! Brushing, quality control and packing to leave for new shores ...

Ours en peluche PAMPLEMOUSSE made in france

Now all you have to do is adopt it! Look, it's reaching out to you!

PAMPLEMOUSSE teddy bear, made in France

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