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Article: Story of know-how

Maison Milliet: " Créateur de décors et motifs"

Story of know-how

Maison Milliet: "Designer of decorations and patterns"

Maison Milliet is a brand created by Alexandre Poulaillon, craftsman, decor painter and dominotier for more than 25 years and based in Riedisheim in Alsace.

Alexandre's workshop is a place of creation, experimentation and research. His expertise (more than 15 years alongside Jean Parrot, painter and decorator) has allowed him to free himself from the technique to transform the constraints of space into the imaginary.

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For him, nature is an infinite source of inspiration, materials to explore and forms to reinvent. Another source of inspiration, his partnership with the Rixheim Wallpaper Museum and the Mulhouse Fabric Printing Museum gives him access to several thousand ancient motifs dating from the 17th century to the 1970s.

Alexandre Poulaillon is a pioneer of the contemporary dominating paper

When Alexandre discovers by chance in a bookshop a book on the history of dominoté paper (the ancestor of wallpaper), he is amazed by the modernity of the motifs and the authenticity of the material. For several years, he searched and experimented with traditional techniques that he modernized to find the gestures and tools of the 18th century Dominot craftsmen.

Alexandre Poulaillon resurrects dominance for precious and sophisticated projects. He creates hand-painted decorations and printed papers. He collaborates with Bambi Sloan, Vincent Darré, Pierre Yovanovitch, Alberto Pinto, Jacques Garcia, Christian Louboutin and many others.

From dominotism inspired by traditional motifs to contemporary dominotism, Alexandre takes only one step without complex.

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Printed and created in his workshop in Riedisheim, Maison Milliet papers are made with high quality printing on 190g/m² non-woven paper.

The hand-painted prototypes are reproduced in very high resolution, in the studio, to guarantee a very high quality of printing. Each product is checked by Alexandre himself.

The use of water-based pigment inks, without solvents or latex, guarantees a real depth of colour and good UV resistance. Digital reproduction is a way for him to deploy his creativity on hotel projects, boutiques and private homes. His unique, hand-painted, tailor-made creations are transformed into exclusive decors printed on wallpaper and objects.

Discover the papers delivered by Maison Milliet as so many possibilities and creative freedom sublimated by Alexandre's creations.

Papers as works to be framed, papers to write eternal words on, papers to be glued on a support to magnify it or more traditionally on a wall to make it more elegant or simply paper to be collected for their poetry.... The choice is yours.

maison milliet

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