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Article: Story of New Year's Eve

Histoire de Nouvel An,

Story of New Year's Eve

It is the emperor Julius CESAR who decides that the first New Year's Day will be fixed on January 1st, in 46 BC. Dedicated to the god Janus, god with 2 faces, one looking forward, the other looking back, it is the day that puts an end to the previous year and marks the beginning of the new year. Moreover the name of January derives from Janus.

Previously, the New Year was celebrated in March, derived from the Latin martius which means first month.

The tradition was that for the worship of Janus, there were offerings and sacrifice and exchange of wishes to accompany the start of the new year.

In France, it is the edict of Roussillon of 1564, of the king Charles IX, which fixes the New Year to January 1st. Before this date, New Year's Day had changed a lot over the centuries, either in March, Easter, or Christmas under Charlemagne. The revolution creating a new calendar, it will change again before being restored by the commune in 1871.

Of course other countries, other cultures celebrate the New Year on other dates. Thus in China, the New Year is not a fixed day but changes every year. Based on the lunar calendar, the year in China starts between January 21 and February 20 depending on the year. In 2022 it will be February1st . Another example is in Israel; the Jewish New Year is a religious holiday that takes place from September 18 to 20. Or in India where the New Year is celebrated in some states between the end of March and early April according to the Hindu lunar calendar.

Of course, each country has its own New Year and its own customs! Banquet and good meal for some, eating 12 grapes for others, or burning paper mache models, exploding firecrackers and fireworks, but always in a moment of sharing with family and friends.

For us, New Year's Eve is the occasion to thank you for this first year spent with you and especially to wish you a very good and happy new year for you and your loved ones! And of course a new year always made in France and sustainable !

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