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Article: story of wool

Couverture pour enfant en laine mérinos d'Arles, made in France et écoresponsable

story of wool

Winter is coming! And with it a desire for warmth, softness, and peaceful moments to treat ourselves .

This is the season when wool becomes the star material. Why wool? Because wool is a natural, sustainable, biodegradable material. Wool has extraordinary properties of comfort and robustness, as well as an insulating power recognized and used since the dawn of time.

If wool is a material exploited by man since prehistoric times, today French wool needs our support. Indeed, only 4% of the 14 million kilos of wool sheared each year in France are treated and transformed in France.

A Tricolore collective has even been created to revive the French wool industry and increase the quantity of wool processed locally. It has set the goal of increasing the share of wool produced and processed in France from 4% to 24% by 2024 and has recently received recognition from the state through the France Relance plan.

Of course, there are a thousand of variants of wool: Pyrenean, merino, or alpaca, and many others, each one with its specificities of warmth and softness.

Pyrenean wool: Yarn from the shearing of sheep raised in the Pyrenean pastures. Pyrenean wool is comfortable, soft and requires very little maintenance. Our Pyrenean wool is used for plaids and comes from a sheep farm south of Pau, and in the summer pastures of Cauterets.

Mouton pour laine des Pyrénées

Plaid en laine des Pyrénées made in France et écoresponsable

Merino wool : Finer and softer than traditional sheep's wool. If the word merino is of Spanish origin, it is Australia which produces most of it today, but France is again devoted to it! Thermoregulating and hypoallergenic, our French merino wool comes from flocks of merino sheep raised near Arles, in Provence. Our merino wool from Arles will make the happiness of the children in layette or in beanie.

Mouton mérinos d'Arles

Bonnet en laine mérinos d'Arles, made in France et écoresponsable

Alpaca wool : A yarn of infinite softness and at the same time extremely resistant. Alpaca wool comes from the shearing of the alpaca, an animal of the camelid family, living mainly in the Andes. Our alpaca wool comes from a farm in the heart of the Sarthe region of France, and enables us to offer you plaids with a unique combination of infinite softness, lightness and warmth.

laine d'alpaga made in France et écoresponsable

Plaid en alpaga MAISON DE LA MAILLE, made in France et écoresponsable

At HISTOIRES FRANCAISES, we are also committed to supporting the French wool industry. Discover our offer!

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