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Article: Story of Guila

GUILA, bijoux colorés et émaillés made in France

Story of Guila

From dresses to jewelry, there is only one fine link! Today, HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES presents a warm and sparkling sustainable brand to discover before the summer: GUILA PARIS!

The story of Guila

Guila was a lawyer and, one day, launched into her most colorful dream, the creation of "high fashion" jewelry made in France! For her brand GUILA PARIS, she imagines in her Parisian workshop small series of necklaces, bracelets and refined earrings that brighten up our looks and breathe joy.

The colors of life according to GUILA PARIS

In love with colors, Guila has the art of combining with chic and sobriety the palette of enamel colors with the warmth of gold plating (3 microns). Fine chains that underline femininity, the wink of the shapes and engravings, the impertinence of the colors always right, each detail brings its unique character to the GUILA PARIS jewelry.

Our favorites from GUILA PARIS

At HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES, we've fallen for a few of the pieces below.

First of all, discover the Aglaé earrings: small golden hoop earrings embellished with a mini enamel hoop in summery or glittery colors. With Aglaé, your smile breathes spring!

Aglaé earrings, GUILA PARIS, made in France

Then the sun's rays become warmer, and on your slightly iridescent neck, the trio of pastilles of the Cléo necklace happily overlap, giving some pep to your look of the day. Will you be more "west coast" with the bright green/yellow/turquoise combo or more "ochre land" with the glittery white/coral/nude glittery set? There's a vacation vibe going on...

Cléo necklace, GUILA PARIS, made in France

Speaking of vacations, who can resist this series of shell bracelets in multiple matching shades? In tone-on-tone mode, a link serves as a case for an enamelled cowrie shell. From pastel to fluorescent, succumb to the temptation to play the mix & match! Can you feel those little grains of sand tickling your toes?

Shell bracelet GUILA PARIS, made in France

GUILA PARIS sublimates the best of the made in France craftsmanship

In terms of manufacturing, Guila turns exclusively to French craftsmen, renowned specialists in their fields of enameling and plating. Very concerned about the quality of her products, Guila then assembles the pieces herself for a result that meets her expectations. And to meet its objective of eco-responsibility, GUILA PARIS only offers limited series. Little stock, no waste and a constantly reinvented creativity, this is also what seduced us at HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES!

Our surprise bonus GUILA PARIS

Let yourself be surprised by the originality of the Indian necklace! On a plated chain of perfect length, a medallion like no other immediately catches the eye. On the front, a magnificent enamel tablet, just the right size and in such a chic color (multiple shades available) and on the back, an engraved Indian profile, both offbeat and subtle. Success of the neckline guaranteed!

Indian reversible necklace, GUILA PARIS, made in France

As for the Domino bracelet, it is playful and graphic with its mix of geometric shapes: six colored dots, delicately assembled in a small rectangle, underlined by a fine golden chain, will dance on your wrist! With this palette of shades ranging from glittery nude to water green to coral, summer is within reach.

Domino Bracelet GUILA PARIS, made in France

GUILA PARIS, a brand to follow...

Inspired by her daughters, her friends, travels, the sun, the colors of life and above all by an inexhaustible curiosity, Guila's creations have been spotted by the most discerning trend seekers, so hurry up and fall for GUILA PARIS!

HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES supports GUILA PARIS, a creative brand made in France and eco-responsible, which honors French craftsmanship with modernity and elegance.

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