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Rainbow Baby Bottle 360ml

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Product description

The 360ml Rainbow bottle is a bottle that is particularly suitable for older babies (+6 months). Customized with a rainbow pattern, it is made of copolyester for a unique transparency. Moreover, this material does not capture odors or colors. It is delivered with its ring of reduction and its nipple M, recommended for the babies of +6 months. Anti-colic and anti-collapse nipples. The bottles are BPA free  (Bisphenol A free) , according to the current standard and do not contain BPS and BPF.

The feeding bottle is entirely manufactured in Oyonnax and the 100% silicone nipples are manufactured in Saint Vidal, a production unit certified ISO 9000 in both cases.

DO NOT EXPOSE THE BOTTLES TO TEMPERATURES ABOVE 100° CELSIUS. Clean the bottle and the nipple well; wash and rinse with great care in hot water with a few drops of washing-up liquid.

To assemble the bottle, start by inserting the nipple into the ring and check that it is firmly attached. Then tighten the ring with the nipple onto the body of the bottle, firmly but not excessively. Remember to put the reduction ring flat side up before tightening the ring.

100% made in France and sustainable

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