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Tridens is a young company that has invented a new cutting fork.

This innovation was born from the association of ingenious and creative minds, those of Christine and David. During a stay in Guyana, they rediscovered the pleasures of barbecuing and grilling. Back in France, while looking into the subject, they noticed the lack of "tools" adapted to the cutting of pieces of meat or poultry. They then decided to start their own business.

And as in France, the table is an art, they worked particularly on the design of the object, with an industrial designer, by bringing an extreme care to the ergonomics of the object; what makes it as well adapted to the right-handers as to the left-handers.

Then their challenge was to choose the right material. Stainless steel was chosen to make it a very hygienic kitchen utensil. Finally, Christine and David had to find the right partners to give substance to their idea, in France of course, because they could not conceive it otherwise. They found a precision foundry locally. Then, both particularly invested in an eco-responsible approach, they decided to entrust the realization of the base of presentation to a ESAT. In this same approach, the wood used to manufacture these bases is French wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC).

Today, this design fork is the star of many private and professional tables, in France and in Europe.