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Tressages pas sages

Let HISTOIRES FRANCAISES help you discover the TRESSAGES PAS SAGES brand! For the past ten years, founder Alexandra Ferdinande has been skilfully creating lighting, baskets, baskets and wicker sculptures unlike any other. TRESSAGES PAS SAGES poetically elevates wickerwork to the status of a modern, artistic, designer craft - and of course, it's eco-responsible and 100% made in France!

Basketry to weave the links of your life

It all started with a change of life. In 2009, Alexandra Ferdinande left the city, the North of France and the world of broadcasting to set up her new nest in the countryside. She quickly fell under the spell of wicker and the beautiful Loire department. From training courses in wild basketry to professional training in traditional basketry, Alexandra weaves a new life for herself, in line with her values: closeness to nature, simplicity of tools, ecology of approach, and transmission of an ancestral tradition. In 2013, she launched her TRESSAGES PAS SAGES brand in the heart of the inspiring nature of the Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat (Rhône-Alpes). Now based in Pélussin, not far from Vienne (42), she shares her workshop with other craftswomen.

The art of weaving nature

Basketry, the art of weaving plant fibers, originated over 10,000 years ago. With TRESSAGES PAS SAGES, Alexandra's mission is to highlight the noble and creative dimension of this age-old skill, modernizing it and elevating it to the level of art. She uses seasonal plants such as wicker, chestnut and rush. She uses simple tools, such as a knife or a serpette, and only a little water. Thanks to this neutral ecological impact, it's hard to imagine anything more respectful of nature! Then Alexandra's talent and inspiration come into play, and the magic happens!

The result is both technical and simple, raw and uncluttered, traditional and designer, with beauty to boot.

The poetic, committed world of TRESSAGES PAS SAGES

Here, wicker can be braided, plaited, coiled, twisted, knotted and bound almost ad infinitum, so vast is the field of possibilities. From her shared workshop in the heart of nature, Alexandra brings to life a wide range of products, from baskets to lighting fixtures, from sculptures to art installations. This is well understood by enthusiasts and professionals of ecological design and eco-responsible decoration, since she almost exclusively responds to custom orders.

Sharing and transmission are other key values for Alexandra, who draws on her encounters and collaborations with other craftspeople to create objects combining different materials (glass, felted wool, metal...).


At HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES, we fell under the spell of the delicate lines and airy shapes of these two table lamps. Like wild bouquets of branches and stems brought back from a walk in the woods, they bring raw nature into the home and poetically soften the light in the living room.

Dans le vent table lamp 1240 euros

Amphorai table lamp 450 euros

The baskets and baskets in the Zarzo range play on the graphic and symmetrical range. This braiding technique, typical of Asturias (north-western Spain), makes the wicker strands dance, intertwining them to end in elegant knots.

Flat basket 160 euros

Hollow Zarzo wicker basket 150 euros

Two-tone basket 150 euros

Zarzo flat bowl (double tray) 150 euros

Zarzo round basket 190 euros

Zarzo flat basket 190 euros

HISTOIRES FRANCASIES wholeheartedly supports the TRESSAGES PAS SAGES brand, because its creations combine perfectly with our shared commitment to eco-responsibility made in France. With TRESSAGES PAS SAGES, contemporary French basketry is an artisanal, artistic and committed approach.