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A ceramic for a sculptor on earth....

SIlver Sentimenti ceramist is first and foremost the story of a decorative arts enthusiast whose work is resolutely multidimensional.

His artistic journey begins in Italy, his country of origin, where he was trained in many art forms including sewing, drawing and ceramic sculpture.

When he arrived in Paris he began working for many French fashion houses and created costumes for the Paris Opera.

In 2014, wishing to rediscover a link with ceramics, this great lover of France trained in potter's wheels at the ATC school in Paris. With the practice of wheels, he discovers a new form of expression, powerful, linking the material, the gesture, the curves. His inspirations are multiple but the starting point is often the raw material which, thanks to his expertise and the connections between the material and the hand, allow him to create real works of art.

On the ceramic side, Silver works in his workshop (in the Eure), stoneware, grogged stoneware and porcelain. His containers (vases, bowls, containers) mix textures, sculpting the clay he decorates it with other materials such as leather, metal or textile thus making by hand pieces combining ceramics and weaving, just sublime !

SIlver Sentimenti is a member of the ATELIERS D'ART DE FRANCE.