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Sasha TOGNOLLI, is a young cabinetmaker based in the East of France. A singular personality with a career outside the agreed paths and well-trodden paths, he began his professional life in politics. Before continuing in administration, he took a break and took the time to reflect on the life he wanted to live and the meaning he wanted to give it. It was then that he made a complete shift and turned to cabinetmaking, his true passion; which allows him to realize himself completely and give meaning to his life.

In this new path, Sasha seeks only the best. He was then trained by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France in seat carpentry. Once the technique acquired, he decided to fly on his own and set up his art cabinetmaking workshop in Lorraine. This is where he will be able to give free rein to his imagination and express all his creation.

Beyond a perfect mastery of this know-how, Sasha wants to create modern objects. Its ambition is to put its ancestral know-how at the service of contemporary collections. Its lines are very graphic, its style is sober and refined, as if under the influence of a Japanese aesthetic, it gets rid of the superfluous to go to the essential. He is also very careful that these achievements have a real function. He seeks to put beauty in our daily lives.

Following a stint with a master glassmaker, Sasha also wants to work on light. He developed a certain fascination for the play of light and in particular transparency. Taking advantage of the tradition of assembly in cabinetmaking, it brings its personal touch and modernity by combining resin with wood. Resin undeniably brings a contemporary note to each of his creations.

He then plays on the color, color of the wood, of its veins, and color of the resin to create unique pieces, with a powerful aesthetic. Like a claw, the resin inlay in these pieces of wood becomes Sasha's signature; signature that he declines, today, on different types of objects such as chopsticks or cutlery.

As you will be able to see for yourself, Sasha pays almost obsessive attention to detail and to the finish of her creations. Seeking only the best, he wants to ensure control of the entire chain, from the design phase to the manufacturing phase to guarantee the highest level of quality requirements.

Sasha's creations are as beautiful as they are functional, a subtle alliance of ancestral know-how and contemporary style; simply the best for your home.