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RIF lighting

RIF is a French brand of eco-friendly lighting. The name RIF is inspired by 3 words that give the DNA of the brand: Dream, Instill, Make or as Respectful, Inventive and French, or RIF as Riffelmacher, the last name of the creator Alice Honoré Riffelmacher.

RIF is both design and environmentally friendly lighting. Alice wished to work "a decoration which is friendly with the planet". The lights are entirely made of MDF, i.e. wood scraps or recycled wood. They are designed and prototyped in their workshop in Marseille, and then each product is made near Limoges.

In terms of style, at RIF we have selected a collection of table lamps: the Wrecking Ball, in the shape of a ball, in wood or recycled plastic. Elegant lamps that offer delicate lighting while playing with light.

On the material side, MDF products are therefore created from recycled wood or scrap wood. The raw MDF panels (material made from scrap wood) come from Corrèze; and the wood used to make them comes from the cleaning of the surrounding woods and forests. RIF categorically refuses to cut trees as an ethical principle. The company innovates and explores new materials such as recycled plastic also from the cosmetics industry. The lights are then manufactured near Limoges.

Then, the products are delivered in recyclable and plastic-free packaging to be an actor of this eco-responsibility. The brand is 100% Made in France and labeled FSC (environmental label which certifies that the wood comes from forests or plantations managed in a responsible and sustainable manner).

RIF promotes a long life cycle for its collections. All products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. Of course if you decide to part with them, you can drop them off at a collection point and the wood will be recycled!