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Wood for ethical design

Stéphane Clivier and Didier Lachaize, both trained as cabinetmakers and designers, founded the editing house Reine Mère in 2006 in Toulouse.

Concerned about people and environment, they integrate the rules of eco-design and sustainability into the objects they design and publish.

Reine Mère therefore strives to limit the environmental impact of its creations by favouring the use of natural materials from our regions: wood from sustainably managed forests in the Jura, porcelain from Limoges or the Lot, 100% pure sheep's wool felt, 100% recycled paper and packaging, mineral oil treatments, water-based glues without solvents, and the mirrors are made of glass guaranteed copper-free and processed in Burgundy.

Through the support of a local production Reine Mère is truly committed to a social approach.

Reine Mère ensures the maintenance and development of local know-how and makes itself responsible for the manufacture of its objects. The publishing house is also developing partnerships with ESAT (Entreprises et Services d'Aide par le Travail).

It is thus in this purely French context that Reine Mère delivers a joyful and poetic handcrafted production where the spirits combine and form astonishing creations.