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Founded in 2016, the brand POL & ROSA creates collections of linen accessories and household linen. The key words: simplicity and authenticity, for the whole family looking for natural and freshness in their daily lives.

Authenticity is the primary value of the POL & ROSA brand.

Attached to the simplicity of the curves and the brightness of the colours, POL & ROSA creations follow balanced and sophisticated lines. All the accessories are imagined in Bordeaux by Adélaïde, the designer, and made in their workshop in the North of France, perpetuating a unique tradition and know-how.

Why POL & ROSA ? It is the result of a meeting between a linen spinner (great grandfather of the designers) and one of his brilliant dressmakers. Together they formed a harmonious duo, complementary in their pragmatism and artistic inspiration. A century later, their great-grandchildren decided to rework this historic material: linen, a timeless, intergenerational link. The linen is French, entirely cultivated and shaped in France.

Linen is synonymous with freedom and authenticity. Linen is surprising, intrepid, noble, ... yes this material has character!