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Before the love of plaid, there is love at all ... the story of Plaids Cocooning begins like a fairy tale. So when Patrick, while travelling in Canada, falls in love with Nathalie and her plaids, it gives birth to a family brand: Plaids Cocooning, creator of superb plaids combining aesthetics, softness and quality.

Both passionate about textiles, they create for our great pleasure timeless plaid collections that bring a touch of elegance and softness to your home.

On the material side, working with wool seemed obvious to them, a way to create a dynamic of citizen and responsible consumption.

Indeed their wool comes from a farm south of Pau, and in summer in Cauteret, then is sent to the last French wool washing centre in Haute Loire to finish its journey of confection in the Tarn.

Through this traditional product, Plaid Cocooning supports the local economy and the craftsmen of our regions without forgetting the preservation of rustic livestock.

Nothing better than Plaid Cocooning to feel good at home and with you.