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Mélina VASSEREAU is a paper designer since 2018.

The work of paper came to her during her studies. She discovers this material in particular within the framework of a project of realization of shop windows. She then continued to be interested in this material during her higher education, in particular during an internship that led her to explore paper under different facets and that reinforced her idea of making it her profession.

Paper is a simple, light and recyclable material that allows for a variety of creations. Its plural aesthetic aspect promises a wide range of exploitation since it is declined in several textures and colors.

Today, based in the Paris region, Mélina continues to experiment with paper in order to meet the aesthetic and commercial needs of her clients (scenography, shop windows, stands, architecture, set design...). Her expertise in paper allows her to offer you unique works of art, the fruit of 100% made in France and sustainable know-how!