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A sea breeze blows through HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES with MALÀKIO!

Brittany, its raw, authentic beauty, its coasts chiselled by the elements, its invigorating air, its iodized sea spray, that little salty taste at the edge of your lips... It's in the heart of this region that MALÀKIO's bold idea was born: to recycle oyster shells and other mollusks into sustainable decorative objects. Added to this beautiful idea, multiple skills, creativity, design and a sense of beauty, MALÀKIO was born, an innovative, local and eco-responsible company, using a noble and hitherto unexploited material.

Oyster shell crusher

It all started in Noirmoutier. Morgan was introduced to the oyster-farming trade by his brother-in-law, with whom he went off to sell oysters at markets. That's when he realized that the 250,000 tonnes of oyster shells thrown away every year in France were almost never recycled! Then came the 2020 pandemic, and the need to refocus and reinvent. Instead of brooding, Morgan decided one fine day... to grind a few oyster shells in his garage in Irvillac, Brittany. A designer, an entrepreneur at heart, and concerned about the environment, which is cracking on all sides, he experimented and set about creating a composite based on oyster shell waste, the foundation of this sustainable business.

Infinite horizons

Joining forces with his friend Hugo, Morgan created MALÀKIO in 2020. The two up-and-coming boys are working hard to put together a collection of handcrafted creations for sale at Christmas 2021. The website helps to promote the brand, which grows and evolves rapidly. Then, in 2021, MALÀKIO arrived in Nantes and rode the wave of its nascent success by becoming more professional. The eco-responsible project gains in innovative strength thanks to the different skills mobilized: artistic and artisanal creation, cabinet-making, design... And this is just the beginning of the adventure!

A shell full of meaning

The shells are collected from producers and restaurateurs in Brittany and Charente. So they don't have to pay to get rid of them, and they don't end up incinerated or landfilled! Sustainability, local social ties and the circular economy are the foundations of MALÀKIO.

Then, in Nantes, they are air-dried, crushed and mixed with minerals, to be reborn as a composite called Istrenn. This no-bake manufacturing process has the enormous advantage of leaving a minimal carbon footprint. What's more, each type of shell has its own granulometry, enabling almost limitless aesthetic diversity and creative customization. Add pigments, always 100% natural and made in France, and you have a beautiful collection of eco-responsible decorative objects and tableware.

Decoration revisited by MALÀKIO

Zoom in on an original marine touch for your table with HELIOS coasters! Handcrafted from recycled shells from Brittany (60% minimum), these palets are guaranteed chemical additive-free and heat-resistant. With a batch of 4 coasters, that's 270g of recycled shellfish. Scallops or mixed shells, choose your favorite style from the menu!

And to keep the flame burning in style, look no further than COLOSSE candleholders! Handcrafted without chemical additives and guaranteed fireproof. Available in batches combining small and large formats, these candleholders are unique pieces, available in oyster & black pigment or scallop design, depending on taste and material.

With HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES and MALÀKIO's range of sustainable and eco-responsible handcrafted decorative objects, you too can proudly accompany the transition of the 100% made in France design sector!