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Welcome to the reinvented world of fine tableware and pottery from MAISON PICHON UZÈS, the global benchmark for handcrafted, sustainable tableware made in France!

History of a family of ceramists

Since 1802, the Pichon family has perpetuated the tradition and excellence of the art of ceramics from father to son. As its name suggests, in Uzès, in the Gard region, nestled in the heart of Provence, eight generations have succeeded one another, combining the transmission of know-how with a constant quest for innovation.

It's all about authenticity, beauty, creation, generosity and passion.

Today, with Christophe Pichon at the helm, MAISON PICHON UZÈS continues to write its history and reinvent the art of ceramics with talent, anchoring itself more than ever in our daily lives. From the world's top Michelin-starred chefs and luxury hotels, to today's dining tables, MAISON PICHON UZÈS ceramic tableware finds its place with class, style and modernity.

From iconic creations to contemporary tableware

In the mid-19th century, Jean-François Pichon had the brilliant idea of inventing the marble technique. It was these famous pieces that would build the international reputation of MAISON PICHON UZÈS. Highly prized by collectors and exhibited in museums, these vases and other earthenware pitchers have become part of France's cultural heritage.

At the same time, the brand perfected another unique technique: braided ceramics. A feat of dexterity, these baskets, delicately crafted by hand (by women only!) and now revisited, are back in force on our tables. A true emblem of the brand, the MAISON PICHON UZÈS woven basket gives your home a creative, modern touch, and all in color, with some twenty shades to choose from. Whether used as a designer fruit basket or as a storage unit, this decorative object on its own, with or without a base, is a feast for the eyes!

The iconic version is beautifully adorned with little flowers,

...while the design version plays the round card with its string of delicately placed buttons:

And what can we say about this designer bread basket, a veritable object of desire, that you'd almost want to collect in several colors!

Earth, air, water and fire

These four elements give birth to original creations, always entirely handmade by this family of men and women with ancestral know-how. It all begins with the earth, sourced from Limoges, washed and kneaded to become clay. Then the craftsman shapes the material, taming it with suppleness, turning, molding and braiding it, with minute dexterity, to give it its exceptional shape. Then comes the delicate drying phase, followed by the first firing, known as cookie firing. Finally, the enameling and final firing give birth to these unique tableware items with their unmistakable trademark.

With HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES and MAISON PICHON UZÈS, say a big "yes" to a style that's both chic and uncomplicated, with a modern spirit that stands the test of time! Eco-responsible by nature, 100% made in France, the beautiful craftsmanship of MAISON PICHON UZÈS, which has been awarded the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label, honors the arts of the table.