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maison boinet
To make tradition rhyme with modernity by proposing unique and singular pieces of leather goods.

A beautiful story for this company founded in 1858 by Ernest Beaumert.

Symbol of luxury, of unique know-how, advocating the quality of products made in France, the products of Maison Boinet combine tradition and modernity.

All their products are made in their Chateau Renault workshop, which guarantees them a Made in France origin.

Always in search of the same high standards, each leather is carefully selected and perfectly detailed before going into production. Of course, all tanners respect ecological and environmental standards.

Indeed, ecology is another value at the heart of the manufacturing process; the use of water-based glue, without solvent, with no consequences for the environment is the first proof of this. Love of quality and style, selection of leathers and craftsmanship, values which make them their "trademark" and which have enabled them to obtain in 2014 the very envied label of EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant).

Maison Boinet an exclusive luxury that we want within your reach.