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Le Biberon Francais

Benjamin is a committed father and a passionate engineer, but he's not the type to stand still. During a trip to the sea with his trunk filled to the brim and his little ones tucked in between his hand luggage, he noticed that Odile, his wife, was devoting an entire XXL shopping bag to the baby's bottles. The bright idea came to him: he had to reinvent the baby bottle and at the same time make a little space in the minivan.

It was at this point that the idea was born of concentrating the best materials, the most advanced teats and bottles that were as practical as they were stylish into a single range of feeding bottles. The idea was to offer all families reliable, aesthetic and recyclable products.

After a year of exciting research and development aimed at reconciling quality, comfort, aesthetics, ergonomics and durability, Le BIBERON FRANCAIS was patented and soon became the grail for stylish young parents, truly safe products 100% Made In France.

The bottles are 100% made of Copolyester (except for the glass models) which gives them their transparency and lightness. Robust over time, they remain beautiful because they do not capture the colors or odors of food and contain no bisphenol. Naturally BPA free according to the regulations in force, they are also BPS and BPF Free for the health of children.

Thanks to its shape and texture, Le BIBERON FRANCAIS offers an ideal nipple with a patented anti-colic system and anti-collapse ridges. The baby benefits from a maximum of comfort thanks to the hyper flexibility of the nipple while reducing the risks of it being crushed.

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