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L'ATELIER DU BLANC is a Limoges porcelain workshop, located, of course, next to Limoges! It was created by Aurélie VRIGNON a few years ago.
Aurélie was first a florist in a first life. Then, passionate about ceramics, she wished to launch a new chapter in her professional career. Thus was born the Atelier.
L'Atelier du Blanc is an original project in more ways than one. Indeed Aurélie gives life to her creations, and in addition she proposes to accompany other artists, confirmed or not, in the realization of their project, from the prototype to the production. She has worked on projects for big French names such as HERMES and its Cabinet de Porcelaine.
All her personal creations are entirely handmade in her workshop. For this, Aurélie is greatly inspired by the earth and the plant world, probably reminiscent of her first professional life.
The name of the workshop also reflects Aurélie's love for white, a color that expresses purity and softness. She explains that it reminds her of the tuffaut stone that surrounded her in her childhood. Today she enjoys working with color in all its forms: glossy or matte, raw or textured,...
The company is certified GI - Porcelaine de Limoges. The fact that the geographical origin can be mentioned proves the authenticity of the products. Each creation is unique or produced in very small series.