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Héloïse LEVIEUX is a young brand of contemporary decoration that has existed since 2018. Its ambition is to offer timeless decorative objects with a refined design and manufactured in a short circuit.

Héloïse LEVIEUX is also a kind of contemporary heroine, one whose life could be a novel or inspire multiple scenarios! She thus began her life as a woman by being at home to take care of her 3 children after having followed a husband to the United States. Quite calm and classic first chapters; then things change.

Once the children grow up, the desire to achieve is the strongest. Very inspired and marked by a passionate seamstress Mom and an upholsterer Godmother, Héloïse, became an upholsterer-decorator, worked for 2 years in Montreal in a recycling center, separated from her husband and met Antoine.

Together, they then decide to return to France, and settle in Morbihan. Brought up by her mother with a "taste for beautiful finishes, couture finishes", she quickly made a name for herself in the world of craftsmen.

Then the chances of life do their magic! While settling in the village of Kerjagu, Héloïse and Antoine meet Nicolas, shepherd and felt-maker. Both will then fall in love with this material as natural as it is noble. Héloïse will make it her favorite material and work her collections mainly around wool felt, drawing very much inspiration from the nature that surrounds her: the sky, the sea and the earth.

Cushions, bags, and many other accessories are her areas of expression. With his expert hands and according to his inspirations, the Gravrinis collection, his first with a name in homage to the tumulus, is enriched season after season.

In order to go even further in the short circuit, Antoine then decides to become a felter and trains with Nicolas for this. Today, they get wool from Nicolas and Antoine, with his expertise in felting, transforms it. He himself washes and felts the fleeces with rainwater, wood ash and organic soap. The wool then becomes this noble and precious wool felt that Héloïse will then magnify in her creations.

In addition to manufacturing in their own workshop, they also collaborate with 2 ESATS (Work Assistance Establishments and Services) for the production of certain references.

This is how SARL HL was born, the meeting of these 2 enthusiasts who know, like no one else, how to rhyme ancestral know-how and artisanal creations. Héloïse and Antoine are therefore partners in life and in work to offer us sustainable decoration served by responsible craftsmanship.