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GIGI Paris

GIGI Paris is above all a story, that of Salomé, filled with an antique dealer and a young woman antique dealer herself. After having hunted furniture for years, passionate about fashion, she branched off. And it is towards jewelry that she turned.

In addition to loving fashion, she wanted to work to improve the footprint of this activity on the planet.

Because the only way not to pollute is not to produce,... Thus was born his idea of ​​upcycled jewelry. Luxury is a guarantee of quality and transmission, this is their inspiration. As an informed bargain hunter, she had a few pieces in her collection that all her friends were jealous of; it was then that she had the idea of ​​reworking buttons and accessories to give them a second life. Non-conformist designer, she then imagined her first jewels using the buttons of recovered jackets.

Today, a 100% female team, China, selects and sorts the best of fashion pieces that are too damaged or outdated to be worn. All these finely chiseled accessories are then transformed into jewels, real talismans for the luckiest wearers!

It is in his Parisian workshop, which works to integrate disabled workers, that the magic happens.

Come and discover the latest nuggets.