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FLASHLIFE is an independent brand of handmade, natural and scented candles. Founded in 2017 by Jeanne Laville, the brand aims to offer its customers small moments of relaxation and escape through a proposal of quality products.

Between carved candles, candles, concrete candles and also candlesticks and other decorative objects, FLASHLIFE has been able to build its diverse and varied offer.

Original, the collections offer sculpted candles in the shape of a fan, a knot, balls or even a house. The candles, for their part, exist in four different versions which vary according to the size, the width and the design while keeping the elongated shape of a classic candle.

Double wick or single, concrete candles are, as their name suggests, cast in a very elegant concrete container available in several colors and scents. Each scent is created exclusively for FLASHLIFE by the nose Sidonie Lancesseur. They are of course rechargeable for an infinite lifespan!

In order to go through with its approach, FLASHLIFE has developed supports for candles and candles, square or in sets, in its collections. Available in different colors, they will bring refinement and elegance to your staging. These presentation supports are made of natural resin.

As for the style, it could be described as sober and charming. Indeed the vast majority of candles, except concrete candles, exist in the natural color of wax (off-white). In addition, their cotton wicks from recycled fabrics bring authenticity to their candles. Their main asset is know-how. All scented candles are created around the link between perfume and the memory it evokes. Their motto? “What makes the richness of a composition is the richness of its ingredients”. All these containers are manufactured by FLASHLIFE, in their workshop, all the pieces are unique, made one by one, which gives you a guarantee of quality.

On the eco-responsibility side, if modern candles are often made from animal fat or petroleum derivatives, FLASHLIFE only uses containers of vegetable origin, the various waxes but also the manufacture of perfume and even the wicks made from recycled and 100% French fabrics!