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FERET Perfumer

Féret is a long family history since 1878.

The company first marketed major brands such as Nivéa, Bourgeois, and Colgate. Féret Parfumeur already manufactures Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel in France.
Bloc Hyalin won 3 medals at the 1900 Paris World's Fair.
It is the must-have product for barbers, hairdressers and dermatologists. Hyalomiel, the multi-purpose reference skincare product, was used at that time by the whole family and appreciated for baby care.

Until the 1970s, the company enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the distribution of branded cosmetic products in France while continuing to manufacture and distribute its own brands Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel. Since 1975 the distribution has been installed in pharmacies by Mrs Féret (daughter of one of the founders).

Since 2012 Alexis Cabanne, the eldest grandson, has taken over and given a new impetus and successfully relaunched the export market.