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Sunburn in sight! Thanks to HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES, we're heading for the West Indies with DAMALIA, a brand of Creole design objects that skilfully combines the richness of Caribbean craft heritage with contemporary chic. Founded by Kessen POITOU and Mattis ESNAULT, 2 lovers of craftsmanship, who have based their workshop in Saint François, Guadeloupe, for a new approach to eco-responsibility made in France!

The nature of DAMALIA

In the beginning was the Galba tree, better known in Guadeloupe as Dame Marie. From Dame Marie to DAMALIA, there's just one leaf... Since its creation a few years ago, DAMALIA has sought to be a hyphen, a skilful blend of Caribbean creativity and the modernity of our decorating desires. DAMALIA's founding values are to make no secret of Creole know-how, to sublimate local raw materials, and to anchor this creativity in the contemporary world. The result is a magnificent range of original objects, both refined and warm, that enhance everyday life.

Histoires de Poupées Créoles

At HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES, we've fallen under the spell of DAMANIA's Popot Kreyol (or Poupées Créoles) collection. This family of ceramics, imagined by designer Frédéric Saulou, is one of a kind. Like a tribe of sisters, these Poupées créoles, all feminine and curvaceous, can be used as decorative objects, vases, carafes, fruit baskets, pocket trays or storage baskets, but always with style!

DAMALIA, a raw, chic character

Made from raw earth, softened by braided natural fibers, the Poupées créoles are a beautiful tribute to the bakoua, the traditional hat that has protected heads from the sun for generations in the West Indies. Locally harvested, the bakoua is hand-woven and custom-sewn to match the pure lines of the ceramics. As for the colors, they are neutral and simple to ensure simplicity and elegance. A fine example of how French eco-sustainability can nurture original, elegant creativity even on the islands of the West Indies.

In the DAMALIA creole doll family, I ask...

...Amantite! She's the eldest of the family, with her slender figure. In the shade of the garden, she ensures coolness at all hours and prefers cold drinks. Its proud appearance also makes it an elegant vase for a few exotic flowers on a console corner.

Perhaps you'd prefer Octavia the round one, which is generous with your finest fruit or everyday treasures? Its delicate braided crown even gives it a princely touch!

Lenita's ruffled collar makes her a coquette, as she knows how to sublimate a green or flowering plant with class, hide a few secret objects, or simply decorate a shelf with character.

As for the latest addition, Dania, she's simply irresistible in her petticoat! In the kitchen, on the desk or on the terrace, she'll find her place and make herself indispensable.

DAMALIA, a sunny art of living

At HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES, we're proud to support DAMALIA, because their creations showcase an art of living that's so elegant! Thanks to DAMANIA, Creole savoir-faire is given a chic, modern twist, while respecting the eco-responsibility of craftsmanship. A brand to keep an eye on...

Damalia Founders portrait