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Clément BOUTILLON is a ceramic designer, as he likes to define himself, subtle alliance between design and ceramics, between pencil stroke and helping hand. After a dense and rich career, he decided to go solo in 2020.

Clément is a designated by training. Trained in the greatest schools, he spent the first 10 years of his professional career working on form in general, fascinated by its almost hypnotic power. Assistant to Noé Duchaufour Lawrence, finalist of multiple competitions, he created, then, many luxury objects for big names, in different fields.
It was while working on one of his projects that he had a real revelation with ceramics. He then decided to launch his own collection that he realizes from start to finish. Clément first draws the shapes. Then, he makes them with his own hands in his workshop in Nivernais. His creations present a unique style, like no other. His collection Les Intemporels offers unique objects, the fruit of a clean and pure gesture, always very graphic. Whether for its candlesticks or vases, their design makes them singular objects, out of fashion trends while being very contemporary.

After extensive research and reflection, Clément spends the time it takes to draw each object. Then, as a true craftsman-ceramist, he makes himself the molds that will bring his ideas to life. Then comes the time of enamelling, realize with translucent enamels that let in places to see the raw aspect of the material. 

Entirely handmade by Clément in his workshop in Nevers, each piece is unique, on the border between craftsmanship and art. He also put eco-responsibility at the heart of his approach. Indeed, passionate about nature and especially mountains, he has a real ecological conscience; Hence his choice of local and reasoned production in his workshop. Clément has also banned all plastic in its distribution in favor of recycled or reused paper.