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Bihan is an eco-solidarity children's linen brand founded in 2019 by Perrine Beaufils.

The idea was born following the birth of Perrine's son, as she couldn't find any bedding item in organic material, made in France and responsible. A former journalist, she decided to develop her own brand of bedding for babies and children in GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified organic cotton, woven in France. And guess what, she chose BIHAN which means "small" in Breton in tribute to her roots!

BIHAN offers a wide range of products such as blankets, sleeping bags and bath capes. All these products are made of organic cotton. Perrine has developed a refined style by playing with two-tone colors and color combinations, soft shades such as glacier and sage greens, terracotta, celadon or beige and navy blue. The signature of BIHAN products is their fine borders of different colors, which are very well matched with the overall color. Each product will bring softness and delicacy to your child.

Concerned about the problems linked to fast-fashion, its damage on the environment as well as the bad quality of the products, Perrine creates BIHAN with the aim of making the household linen sector evolve. Each product is made and dyed in France, at the Mode Estime workshop, a reinsertion workshop based in Seine Saint Denis. BIHAN's commitment is to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint of its products by having an eco-responsible approach in the choice of its materials and by choosing a Made in France manufacturing. BIHAN wants to be "a brand with low carbon impact and high social impact".

Perrine BEAUFILS portrait, founder & creative for BIHAN